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about us

If dogs could talk, they’d talk about us!

Your dog is one of a kind. 

We want to make sure every day with them is magical!

Say hello to your favorite dog wellness one-stop shop.

Leka's Pack is a woman-owned & operated business, committed to selling the best dog products & most nutritious pet treats and supplements that will help your dog live a longer, happier & healthier life.

We're driven to make pup parenthood fun, easy and affordable to all. That's right, we've got everything you need under one "woof"!

We've partnered with amazing brands to guarantee our customers will only get the best dog products in the market.  All products have been carefully curated, tested and approved by Veterinarians and Certified Canine Nutritionist before hitting our shelves. 

What does that mean? 

There is no B.S. in any of the products we sell.

And that's our promise to you.  


The feedback we receive from our customers is vital to our success. We listen closely to our community of dog lovers to understand your biggest pain points & challenges you’re experiencing, the obstacles and hurdles you’re facing, and the burning questions you’re asking at each step of the pet parenthood journey.

We use that valuable insight to ensure we’re fulfilling our mission of helping you be the best dog parent you can be.​


Are you ready to empower your dog to live a longer, happier & healthier life?

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